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Datum: 22. Juli 2018, 16:00
Erhalte im angegebenen Zeitraum durch das Questen 25% mehr Erfahrungspunkte.

Datum: 22. Juli 2018, 09:00
Heute bekommst du folgende Dailys bei diesen NPC's in Thalland und Eryn Lasgalen

Datum: 23. Juli 2018, 09:00
Heute bekommst du folgende Dailys bei diesen NPC's in Thalland und Eryn Lasgalen

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HIER gibt es Shop Punkte und Game Keys zu Gewinnen, schau mal vorbei!
Aktuelles Gewinnspiel Endet am 22 Juli um 23:59 Uhr!!


Die neue Epische Schlacht wird (im Gegensatz zu den bisherigen) eine offensive Schlacht sein. Wir werden Pelargir zurückerobern und Aragorn und den Eidbrechern den Weg frei machen. Sie ist Teil des EPOS und wird kostenlos spielbar sein. (Freischaltung wie die Scharmützel im Düsterwald? Das würde sicherstellen, das keine kleinen Chars ohne die notwenigen Skills dabei wären.).


Rowan – ... He knows people have criticisms about epic battles, they have a lot of changes going in for their next epic battle for U15. This is an offensive battle. It’s a battle where we are at Pelargir and we take the role of being Aragorn’s special operations crew. We’re the “Delta Force” that opens the gate and allows Aragorn and the Army of the Dead to get in and take on this Corsair army that’s occupied the city. We’re going to be retaking the city in stages and having those roles of being the center of attention and the center of focus while having this great cinematic experience. Because epic battles are about having a cinematic experience. About being able to have this wide view and see the army of Oathbreakers sweep out over the sea and wash Corsairs into the ocean.

Is the next epic locked behind epic battles?
Rowan – The epic story in U15 is free, the new epic battle in U15 is free, and the epic battle within the epic story will be part of that storyline. They’re focusing on ways to make this a fun experience, something we will want to be playing, something we’re going to enjoy. And they’ve taken a ton of feedback on that from inside the team, because they play too, from the Players Council, and from what they’ve seen in play behaviour and feedback that’s come from the players.

Is there a plan for offensive big battles?
Rowan – The next battle is an offensive big battle, in the sense that we are retaking a city. Now what timer mechanism that uses – they might use that for sort of “raiding,” they want to be sure there’s difficulty levels so that iron is a completion, and platinum is “wow, you destroyed that thing – you really rocked it!” But ultimately for the most part we’ll be setting our own pace and taking back the city. And they want us to have the opportunity to take a moment to look down and see Aragorn and the Army of the Dead passing through the gates that we’ve just opened, and kind of giving us a thumbs up and saying, “Way to go.”

Zentral Gondor wird aus 3 neuen Gebieten bestehen. Viele neue Quest, Episches Buch, Epische Schlacht in Pelargir, Haradrim, Halbtrolle, berittene Plünderer. Auch ein weiteres Gruppenquestgebiet sowie eine 6er-Version der Epischen Schlacht. Klassische Instanzinhalte behalten sie im Hinterkopf (keine Garantie, daß da etwas kommt).
Rowan – And they have another one of those planned before the end of the year. So they’re going to be delivering U15 – Central Gondor, 3 new areas much like we have here, a lot of new quest content, epic book, epic battle at Pelargir, Haradrim, half-trolls, mounted reavers, all kinds of things. And they will continue to support landscape group content, they’re going to build out a 6-man version of this epic battle, and they hear the call for traditional instance spaces. They will continue to keep that in mind. They’re listening to player feedback and he thinks they’re showing that right now.

Die bereits angekündigte neue Klasse Beorniger wird Teil von Update 15. Sie wird auch von VIPs gekauft werden müssen. Ein Preis ist noch nicht bekannt. Sie bekommt ein neues Intro (aber kein neues Startgebiet).
You mentioned starting experience for Beornings – does that mean a whole new area for them to start in, or will there be storyline that takes them into one of the existing starter zones?
Rowan – This means one of the introductory instances that will give us a storyline and give us context as to where we are and why. MadeOfLions is heading this up. They’re hoping to introduce some new cultural dynamics and relevance for us as Beornings so we understand where we come from, but they’re not introducing those parts of the world as an open landscape or anything.
Es wird mit U15 keine weitere klassische Instanz in eine skalierte Form überführt.


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