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Psssssst: Wusstes du schon das du HIER jeden Donnerstag 500 Shop Punkte Gewinnen kannst?
Nein? Na dann aber mal ran an die Tasten und versuche dein Glück jede Woche aufs neue!

News rund um HDRO    

Die Infos (in englisch) findet ihr hier:

Es wird folgende neue Instanzen geben:

3er-Instanz: Fangorn's Edge (es geht in den Fangorn Wald!)
3er-Instanz: Pits of Isengard (in den Tiefen von Isengart)
6er-Instanz: The Foundry (in den Tiefen von Isengart)
Raid: The Tower of Orthanc (lorewidrig gegen Saruman selbst)

...Lore purists may have an issue with this - there is no official account of any force actually breaching the tower to confront Saruman directly, even during the uprising and assault by the enraged ents of Fangorn Forest - but it should prove very interesting to actually come face to face with such an iconic and powerful villain.

Neues Gruppenzusammenstellungtool:
..."We're going to have a brand-new interface," Aaron said. It will allow players to queue up for instances, either individually or with a group. "Everyone who's opted in for that, everyone who's looking for a space right then, in your level band, et cetera, in the right roles, it will automatically match you and send you into the space."
Essentially, this is a fellowship finder that doesn't require the use of chat channels....

Open Beta:
...If you want to check out the coming changes, scheduled for December, Update 5 will begin open beta testing on Bullroarer starting on Tuesday.

Hoffnungsvolle Vorschau 2012:
...So this is all scheduled for Update 5, coming in December, but what's in store for next year? Adam explained, "We're not really ready yet to talk about 2012, but I can tell you this: we're certainly very focused on Update 5 and getting that out... but there's going to be a lot more content in 2012 than there was in 2011.....

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