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Es wird offenbar daran überlegt die geplante neue Klasse Beorninger bei Level 50 zu starten, und nicht wie bisher üblicherweise bei Level 1. Sollte diese Klasse ab Level 50 Starten so könnte es sein das diese im Nebelgebirge oder sogar evtl. in einem extra neu angelegtem Gebiet gestartet wird. Das ganze sind jedoch reine Überlegungen und stehen noch nicht fest in Raum Generell wird über diese Klasse heiß Diskutiert.

EP Aaron “Rowan” Campbell puts leveling his hobbit on hold to join the chat.
What can you tell us about Beornings that you haven’t told us already

  • Rowan – The best part about Beornings for him right now is the massive amount of information and research he’s gotten from the Player Council regarding them.
  • Sapience – Yes, there’s already been an interesting thread about Beornings in the Players Council. They’ve already been put to work, even before the announcement was made. And they’ve not just posted about Beornings, but about other things they’re interested in talking about as well.
  • Rowan – One thing he can say about it, and he thinks he’s alluded to this in his producer’s letter, but they really view it as a mix of a race and a class, which makes it a unique thing, because of the racial characteristics that are specific to it, and the skills that they want to pair with that as well.
  • Sapience – Thinks that’s great because there have been questions about “Why are you calling it a class?” when it’s kind of a race, so that’s a great answer. Because Tolkien said he’s a man, but he’s also this other thing that is a little bit more than a man.
  • Rowan – The other part that they’re thinking about right now – part of the pitch for it – and this isn’t confirmed yet, is to start it at an advanced level, like level 50.
  • Sapience – Thinks this plays well into the “I’d like to play it through Moria” comment he made earlier.
  • Rowan – That’s kind of what they’re thinking, because the Beorning homeland is kind of between Dale and the Misty Mountains, so the Misty Mountains seem like a reasonable place to start.